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Giant Foam Bag Sizes

Giant Foam Bags is the ONLY place to purchase or create your own two-tone foam bag!

Girls on two-tone bag

Choose any two colors from our selection and personalize the bag to make it special, or choose colors to match your bag and another piece of furniture or room.

Giant Foam Bag offers top quality comfortable foam bags for years to come! One of the premier companies new to this market after completing material research and testing, we have perfected the foam bag. Your guests will gravitate to your Giant Foam Bag over chairs, loveseats, couches or even beds! Place them in your living-room for comfy seating, or store in the corner until extra seating is needed.  Giant Foam Bags fits any décor and lifestyle; multi-color bags also create great accents to any room. Giant Foam Bags are also perfect for children’s rooms whether to read on or for nap time.

Topp Brand Giant Foam Bag has a wide selection of colors and sizes to fit every need. Giant Foam Bags are made of new, top quality shredded foam, including Memory Foam! This provides support and comfort while relaxing.  Giant Foam Bags aren’t made of Styrofoam or other recycled and used foam like many other bags on the market. Choose from numerous options of micro suede solid colors, prints, or multi-colored Giant Foam Bags to adorn your living spaces.

Giant Foam Bags has the largest selection of foam bag sizes offered. Whether you need to replace your couch with a Giant Foam Lounger, need extra seating, or just like to snuggle; we have the perfect Giant Foam Bag for you! We also have Giant Foam Dog Beds for your best friend too!

Couple on Green Giant Foam Sofa2 Women on Jungle Cat Giant Foam Sofa

Located in Clackamas, OR, Topp Brand is Veteran owned and manufactures 100% American Made foam bags. This also allows us to reduce costs, offer competitive pricing, as well as helping stimulate the economy!

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our Giant Foam Bags really are.

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